Wax Filler Sticks are perfect for filling nail holes, knot holes, deep scratches, cracks, gouges, poor miters, and other miner imperfections in wood and wood furniture and cabinets. The brand of choice for wax filler sticks is Liberon, which comes in carefully selected wood tones that may be blended together to create your own custom color filler. Often when people are looking for wood filler sticks, its these that they mean.

Others also refer to them as wood repair wax sticks.  Whatever the name. they work a charm a simple wax wood filler to repair simple damage on your waxed wood furniture.

Why we like them:  Can be used without heating (and as such do not expand to shrink later on!) which makes them the perfect micro repair and wood finishing tool.  Other benefits include:


  • Blend in well to repair furniture, both at home or professionally
  • Get in small holes and cracks – no need to sand or strip the wood
  • So easy anyone can use them
  • Large choice of shades
  • Shades can be mixed to create custom color blends


Gently rub the Wax Filler Sticks across defected area, forcing wax into the hole or crack.

Level with credit card type plastic or spatula and remove excess wax that has been left behind.

After filling the defect with the wax filler, blend by lightly buffing with a soft cloth or by applying a small amount of your favorite paste wax and then buffing.

Note:  it is advisable to test your wax stick on a small hidden area to make sure you have the right color match and that the result you wanted is achievable.


Liberon stocks a fairly large range of colors in wood.

Current available Wax Filler Finishes Include:

  • White
  • Ebony
  • Ivory
  • Light Oak
  • Medium Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Dark Mahogany
  • Light Pine
  • Pine
  • Rosewood
  • Light Walnut
  • Medium Walnut
  • Dark Walnut
  • Dark Yew
  • Teak


Designed like large felt-tips these 12-Piece Wood Touch-Up Markers and Wax Sticks from Beautyko Ideaworks are a great way to repair various wooden goods. You can instantly cover nicks and scratches on wood and wooden veneer furniture and there’s various colours available in the set to match a wide-variety of wood finishes.

You can safely use these markers and wax sticks on Maple, Oak, Cheery, Walnut, Mahogany and Black wood furniture and the colours will blend perfectly to match the wood finish perfectly.

The handy markers can quite literally save treasured home furniture that might have been scratched or stained. You can see some before and after pictures below:


From the professional repair works manufacturer Zenith Chemical Works Inc come this incredibly useful Tibet Almond Scratch Remover Stick.

There really is no end to its uses and it will last for years without needing to be replaced.

This simple to use product will wipe out wooden furniture scratches quickly and easily and can be used on a variety of goods including: furniture, flooring and even wooden antiques.

The thick cotton stick is safely encased in the metal container and you use it just like a glue stick, simply uncap it and rub it over blemishes or scratches to see instant results.