Types of Chairs

There are many different types of chairs to choose from – in fact we would say that the choice is near infinite.  That is a good thing and can sometimes be a bad thing. 

It’s a good thing because there are so many different types that you can most definitely find one that will perfectly match the decor of your home.  The bad side to that is that since there are so many different types and styles of chairs that it will be hard to choose amongst them.  

Although technically, there are only around 20 different types of chairs it’s the fact that each type of chair has it’s own variation on the standard, not to mention that there are an infinite amount of colors to choose for each one.


A few quick tips on picking a chair – do these first to make your life easier!

  • Decide what color scheme you think will best fit your area.
  • Confirm whether its an indoor chair, or an outdoor or patio chair that you need.
  • Decide what material suits your desired space best.
  • Get a budget in mind.
  • Make a list of online and physical places you aim to hunt.


Here is a list of some of the different types of chairs that you will come across when choosing what you want.


Recliner chairs are considered armchairs, but when the person sitting in the chair and pushes his back onto the rest it reclines, making the person sitting in the chair lay back in a more comfortable manner then just sitting upright.  These types of chairs were originally made by two cousins, and they started selling them out of their store called Floral City Furniture Company in the mid to late 1920’s.

In 1931 they patented the first automatic recliner.  Around the same time they had a contest within the company to come up with a new name for their company.  A lucky employee got to name the company, and that person named the company La-Z-Boy.


Corner chairs are made to fit in corners or rooms, the chair is rectangular and has high backs on the two sides that are against the wall, the person sitting in the chair had to have their legs straddle another corner of the chair part.  Nowadays they are used mostly for filling in a corner of a room where nothing else may fit in there.


Lounge chairs are just exactly what their name implies, they are designed for people to lounge in.  Most of them have low backs like recliners, except the backs are usually stationary.  The usually either have an ottoman or are elongated so you can stretch your legs on them.  They are designed to be very comfortable so you can just relax in them.  They come in many different styles and textures.


Armchair is a broad description, most chairs have arms, so that makes them armchairs.  They are designed so you have something to rest your arms on when you are sitting in them. Most other types of chairs crossover into this general category.


Traditionally rocking chairs have a curved piece of wood or metal or another type of material connecting the back legs to the front legs together so the chair can rock back and forth.  That is the traditional way of doing it, there are some out now that use other methods to get the rocking motion.


There are many other types of chairs out there, the above are just a few of the more common types.  Other uncommon types of chairs include 

  • Bean Bag chairs,
  • Antique Chairs,
  • Outdoor Chairs,
  • Folding chairs,
  • Stacking chairs,
  • Wheel chairs,
  • and many others.

Photo by Federica Campanaro on Unsplash