Tips On Buying A Coat Rack Bench For Your Entryway

Buying a coat rack bench can add a sense of grandeur that is usually missing from most hallways. However they can be expensive so it’s important to make the right decision the first time round.

In most cases a storage bench coat rack has a main purpose and it isn’t to hold coats but instead to be an attractive piece of furniture in a room that often doesn’t get a lot of attention. For this reason the majority of the bench coat racks you’ll find are large and grand in design. They are also usually made out of wood making them an expensive piece of furniture.

For example if you wanted to buy a mahogany wooden coat rack bench that includes extra storage underneath the seat then this could cost you anywhere up to $1,500. This is obviously a huge sum of money so buying it is not something that should be taken lightly.


Let take a look at some strategies for choosing the right bench and coat rack as well as some examples to help you make your decision.


The first thing you need to think about is the style of your hall at the moment and what you want to add to it. While most coat rack benches for use in a hallway are made out of wood the type of wood you buy will go a long way to determining the style.

Using the previous example, mahogany is quite a dark and traditional wood so wouldn’t go well in a home that had been decorated in a contemporary manner.

On the other hand a distressed pine coat rack with bench may be perfect for this purpose. Of course, these aren’t set rules and you shouldn’t feel you have to stick to convention when choosing furniture for your house.


Before you decide on the wood though you need to think about the budget you have available for an entryway bench coat rack. Different woods are more valuable than others so by setting a budget you may rule out a certain wood anyway.

Mahogany for example is an expensive wood which is why the example above cost so much. Pine is much cheaper and hence the coat rack bench mentioned earlier only cost a few hundred dollars. One of the most expensive woods you can buy is teak. Teak is known as a hardwood and hence will last a long time, but this comes at a cost. However if you can afford it then you know it’ll be a long term investment. See Pros and Cons of Teakwood here.