Three BEEautiful Bees Original Beeswax Polish

Three BEEautiful Bees Original Beeswax Polish might be quite the mouthful but don’t let it’s quirky name fool you this is some high quality polish. And will no doubt soon find its rightful place in your cleaning supply cupboard and prove itself to be a valuable addition.

It’s ideal for home and business use and unlike many other polishes available on the market the Three BEEautfiul Bees Beeswax Polish is actually made with a specially created formula that blends the protective quality of beeswax with food grade mineral oils. This formula aids greatly in the cleaning process while also ensuring this polish provides a good layer of protection as well.

And because of this specialist construction this great polish can also be used on a variety of other materials including: bamboo, concrete, leather and of course wood so it’s certainly very versatile. It’s also easy to use and offers a beautiful scent.


Three BEEautiful Bees Original Beeswax Polish is an unusual polish that is certainly very versatile but while it can be used on a variety of products how good is its actual performance?

There’s always going to be a few cons to go with the pros isn’t there? And with such a huge variety of different polishes available it’s difficult to know which is right for you. But with our in-depth pros and cons guide it will be that bit easier.


  • Multi-use: One advantage of this polish is that it can be used on a large selection of different materials and works well on all of them.  
  • Scented: Polishes aren’t usually described has having a beautiful scent to them and even some odourless or natural one aren’t pleasing to people. The added scent of this will make it much easier on people.
  • Simple to Use: No complex timing or preparations needed. Simply dab some on a cloth and polish.


  • Small Size: Only 4 ounces per tube means you aren’t getting a lot of polish and that means you’ll have to be liberal with how you apply it. While a little polish will go a long way 4 ounces still won’t get many people very far.
  • Cost: While this price is pretty average when you factor in how much polish you get for your money, despite its high performance and quality, it can seem like it’s not really worth it. Especially if you have a lot of furniture/ furnishing that need polishing.


Great for those who have small projects and are sensitive to stronger smelling beeswax, but not worth it for those looking for value for money.