Things to Consider When Buying Dining Room Chairs

For most people their dining room is the most elegant room in the house.

When I say the ‘most elegant’ I don’t mean the prettiest or the nicest, but the one with the most class and sophistication. For example, the dining room is the room in the house where most people choose to display their finest china, plates and crystal (usually in some kind of large cabinet). It is also the home of the dining room table (which is often a work of art in itself, if made from dark wood such as mahogany) and of course; dining room chairs. Read: Types of Chairs.


Buying dining room furniture (and dining room chairs in particular) is something that requires more care and attention than you might think. For example, you can’t (well you can, but you shouldn’t) just go out to a furniture shop (such as IKEA or Pottery Barn) and buy the nicest dining room tables and chairs that you see – you need to think about how they will fit in with the style of your dining room and how they’ll compliment (or not compliment) it. This is perhaps the most important thing to think about.

If, however, you find a set of dining room chairs that you just can’t live without it might be worth buying them and then changing the style of your dining room to match these. Ultimately, it’s up to you!

For most people, dining room chairs must not only be comfortable to sit on but must also look nice and fit the demeanor of the room (and must also match the table).

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Tip: It is a good idea to buy all of your dining room furniture in one go (i.e. buying your dining table and chairs at the same time) instead of separately so that you can get a dining room set that matches. There’s nothing worse than seeing dining room chairs that don’t match the dining room table they are linked with.


Another thing to consider when buying a dining table and chairs (also commonly known as a dining table set) is whether you want dining chairs with arms or not.

In many dining room sets you can get a mixture of chairs with and without arms (traditionally, the two chairs at either end of the table have arms on them and the ones in the middle do not).


After this you want to think about what kind of material(s) you want your dining room chairs to be made from. 99% of the time it’s best to get wood dining room chairs (and I always think dark woods look the nicest). However leather chairs can look great too!