The Top 8 Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace

As the cold weather sets in and people look for ways to gather warmth in their homes, many people turn to several different types of heating options. The most popular choice is a fireplace, however these days more and more people are considering an electric fireplace rather than traditional wood or gas fireplaces.

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An electric fireplace is a heater, that simulates the flame of a traditional fireplace. The flame effect can be that of a wood, coal, or natural gas. Since it is ran be electricity an electric fireplace can be placed anywhere in a home where an electrical outlet is available. Once in place it can be moved at anytime to accommodated a persons changing taste.

Choosing a product such as an electric fireplace is a great way to evenly distribute warmth throughout your home and a great way to save money in the process. Many people turn to electric fireplaces because they are safer, cheaper, and easier to operate than similar products on the market.


Many people turn to electric fireplaces for the simple fact that they are safer than other products out on the market today. Electric fireplaces are safer than alternative means of heating because they do not involve any hazards that would endanger you, your family, or your home.

Unlike regular wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces either operate on gas or electricity, keeping the warmth localized around a small area, while emitting enough heat to keep you warm. There is a very small potential of being burned, and like with all household appliances, safety is of the utmost importance when operating this product.


Electric fireplaces are among the cheapest heating appliances on the market. This helps the customer because it allows for very affordable heating at a very low cost. Also, most electric fireplaces contain technology that is designed to put out a great deal of heat while using very little electricity.

This will benefit the customer in the long run because you will get more heat for your money. Many people turn to electric fireplaces for the fact that they are cheap and easy to install, qualities that are not often found in the competition’s services and products. However you have to note, that although they cost less, they aren’t practical to fully heat the whole house. They can be purchased for $100 to $2000 dollars.


Electric fireplaces are extremely easy to operate. Usually all that is needed to turn the fireplace on and create heat is a flip of a switch or push of a button. This will immediately start the product working and will immediately provide heat to those who are operating this product.


The ease of use, coupled with the easy installation are two of the largest reason why people turn to this product. Electric fireplaces can also be moved easier than wood burning fireplaces, this adds a great deal of mobility to the product and creates another facet that is not found in other products on the market today.


The electric fireplace requires no clean up for it produces no mess. This is great in comparison to the traditional fireplace which needs to be cleaned, watched in case of a sneaky coal popping out, and fumes, smoke, and ash sometimes get in the house instead of out the chimney.


An electric fireplace has no chimney, thus no heat escapes. The heat of an electric fireplace is produce directly into the room, a ceiling fan will help to circulate the heat evenly.


They are ideal for any living area such as condos, apartments, mobile homes, RVs, and even cheap greenhouses and boats. Since no remodeling is necessary the flexibility of installation of an electric fireplace is great for anybody.


They come in a variety of effects and models, so finding the perfect fireplace would be no problem. Many models come with thermostats and remotes so that temperatures can be set for automatic heat. Also most models have adjustable brightness of flame.

In Summary

An electric fireplace adds to the quality of any home, and can be taken with a home owner when they leave. One thing to remember about an electric fireplace is that they are never meant to be the main heating source for a home, but as an addition for warmth and a cozy feel. They are basically space heaters with a beautiful display. Also during a power outage they would not be of use for they run on electricity. But in comparison to there many advantages, the electrical fireplace would be an enhancement to any home.

For Those looking to heat up their patio, you may want to consider propane fireplaces or even a stone fireplace.

See Our Reviews Of The Best Electric Fireplaces