The Best Portable Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

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Portable patio covers are similar to portable garages, carports, boat covers, shelters and sheds in that they are somewhat temporary structures. 

They are mostly used for storage, covering vehicles like cars, trucks and motorcycles, farm or garden equipment, marine equipment and boats, or they are used for temporary garden or patio protection during an event, often replacing a marquis tent for a party or wedding or being used in a similar fashion to a pop up gazebo in a yard or over a deck.  They have a basic frame that is then draped with a canopy and they are easy to set up and take down.

They can be moved as needed or left fixed for long periods of time.

One option to consider when selecting from among outdoor patio covers that are portable, are styles sold by Shelter Logic, which offer some of the most popular designs of patio covers on the market.  They offer a cover that comes in a 12 x 20 x 8′ size and is basically considered round.

What the term “round” means in this case is not a circular structure, but a long rectangular framework that has a rounded roof consisting of a 6 rib steel frame that has been protected by what is called a “Rhino Shield process” and which has later been powder coated with a DuPont finish that is rust,chip, peel and weather resistant.

The canopy cover that is draped over the sturdy frame is a triple layer, heat bonded, sheet of polyethylene that is very resistant to aging and to fungus and has even been treated so as to not be negatively affected by UV rays.  It is stretched perfectly and seamlessly over the frame for a wrinkle-free appearance that is smooth and looks professional while protecting whatever is underneath it.

To ensure that the patio cover will remain secure on the ground even without a cement pad or embedded pillars or posts, each leg has a wide foot and each has a 30 inch anchor that allows for stability. 

The entire unit can be closed off completely with two double zipped doorways that can be opened or closed as needed.  This structure costs about $630 and can be assembled without professionals, just by following the instructions that come with the patio cover kit.  These types of portable patio covers can be ordered online, or you can find a Shelter Logic dealer in your area to avoid high transportation or shipping costs.