The Benefits of Oak Dining Chairs

For me personally, oak dining chairs are the best kind of dining chairs. This opinion isn’t based on any kind of sentiment or biased opinion – it’s based on facts and general observations (and common sense). When buying oak dining room furniture  you are making a statement – to yourself, to your family, to your friends and to your home. You’re telling them that you’re serious about the state of your dining room and that what you have bought is here to stay (i.e. it’s a long term investment).

You’ve done this because you’ve bought oak dining chairs that are both comfortable as well as great looking (hopefully anyway – most oak furniture combines these two things).

What is and isn’t good looking is, after all a matter of opinion. The great thing about oak wood though is that it is so versatile that it can be made into any style of chair with any pattern or color on it. In terms of making a dining chair it is the ultimate foundation.

“Buy lots of materials – like plastic – can do that” I hear you cry.

While that is true, plastic neither has the strength nor the durability to last as long as most oak dining chairs. One of the main selling points of oak dining furniture is that it is incredibly tough and long lasting. Just think about the grand oak tree for example; these things last for hundreds of years and don’t let anything stand in their way. This means that longevity is built into their DNA, and that is just what you want when building furniture.

Another benefit of oak dining chairs (as with an oak dining table) is that they can be made in such a way that they are 100% completely environmentally friendly. The way this works is that as one oak tree is cut down two more are planted. Forests are sectioned off and worked through in circulation so that there’s always a strong and healthy supply of oak trees growing. Then, when you’re done with your oak furniture you can either pass it on or recycle it (since it’s wood it will naturally recycle itself). Compare this with plastics that will up landfill sites and the choice is an easy one.


The main thing that turns most people off of buying oak dining chairs is that they cost a little more than most other kinds (even than most other chairs made from different kinds of wood). With this extra cost, however, comes value. These chairs are made to a higher standard from higher quality materials and that is why they cost more.