The Benefits of an Extending Dining Table

Dining tables come in all sizes and shapes. Unlike other furniture in the house, dining tables are quite difficult to choose and place, as they have to meet size requirements as well as look presentable and appropriate in the room. In smaller modern homes, usually we do not have separate dining rooms. But a dining table is a necessity and thus is found even in the smallest apartment. So, today we can find dining tables placed in the kitchen, living room or even outside the house, in a garden or balcony. Even if there is a dining room it may not be big enough to hold a large table.

Having an extending dining table in your home is a great way to turn an ordinary dining room into something versatile and special.

In some homes it is not always realistic to have a dining that is big enough for the whole family, having an extendable dining table is the answer.

The main benefit of an extending table is that it can provide you with space (in your dining room) as well as the option to extend and to seat more people.


If you have no idea what an extending dining table is, it is basically a medium sized table that can seat 6-8 people at most, but that can extend to seat a further few people. The extension process is done by pull an extra piece of wood out from under the table (they are designed in such a way so that the wooded surface can slide out easily) which then becomes an extra part of the extending dinner table’s top.

A winding mechanism is attached to the base of the table. This allows the table to be converted with a minimum of trouble and the wooden panels would fit firmly into place.

It is a fold-able table with one or two panels that can be folded or extended according to your needs.


The kinds of homes where an extending dining table would be most useful are ones where there is maybe 4-5 family members living there (meaning they can fit round an ordinary dining table without any problems) but that frequently have other family members and relatives over for dinner.

For these kinds of people having a table that was big enough for everyone would be a waste of space (most of the time), since it would only get properly used when those other relatives visited. In this case, an extending dining table is perfect for them!

And as these tables can be folded, they are easier to transfer from one place to another. So, they can be used indoors as well as outdoors.


There are many different styles and designs of extending dining tables – some extend at only one end, some at both ends, some have legs that swing back and forth to allow the extension to be done (and to support the extension) and so on.

As with most dining tables, it is not uncommon to find extending dining tables made from all different kinds of woods (such as oak, mahogany, teak and beach) and materials (such as an extending glass dining table). This gives you a lot of variety and choice to choose from, and means that you can find a table that fits in with the rest of your home and the look that you like.

Note that when using an extending dining room table it is handy to have two different table cloths – one that is big enough for when it is extended and one that fits it when it is retracted. It’s important to look after your table, and there’s no point using a table cloth if the ends of the table aren’t covered properly.