Beeswax and lemon oil make a great cleaning team especially when it comes to cleaning and restoring wood. Beeswaxes polishing and cleaning properties are a well-known and documented and with repeated use it will actually help protect your wooden furniture from the potential damage that comes with dirt and grime.

Cleaning materials especially polishes containing beeswax or lemon oil are usually very popular and ones that contain both of these amazing cleaning powers are even more sought after. Lemon oil will effortlessly remove dirt and grime on any wooden furniture returning it to showroom quality and there’s that amazing lemon scent as well. This handy all-purpose oil is ideal for home or professional use and is excellent value for money.

With 8.2 ounces per bottle it will last a good long time and remember just a small dab of this polish will clean a large area so you can be conservative with how much you use. It’s the must have addition to your cleaning cupboard and is excellent value for money.

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Designed and expertly crafted by the leading manufacturer of cleaning goods Williamsville this amazing high quality polishing oil expertly blends two of the world’s most popular and effected cleaning products to create an amazing polishing oil that will become your best friend on those wood cleaning jobs.

It will quickly and easily return that natural sparkle and shine to any wooden furnishings or furniture and have them looking brand new in no time. And with repeated use the beeswax in the oil will actually build up a strong protective coat that will protect the wood from harm and damage. Meaning the oil will actually strengthen as well as clean the wood with repeated usage.

It’s simple and easy to use and apply to your wooden furniture and furnishings and you’ll see the difference right away. Just a quick clean with this oil once a week will keep your wooden furniture looking brand new and natural and the stunning much loved natural lustre of the wood will return over time.

This brilliant lemon and beeswax oil shows how sometimes the older style methods are better than their more modern equivalents. Who needs complex chemical formulas when you have nature’s gifts on your side? In this amazing oil uses the natural elements of beeswax and lemon oil and harnesses them for their brilliant cleaning properties to craft an amazing product that will be a valuable cleaning tool for anyone.

Have Complete Peace of Mind

So if you want the complete peace of mind in knowing that your polish will quickly and effectively clean your furniture without the risk of harming it then this high quality expertly crafted lemon oil and beeswax polish is just the thing for you.

Wooden furnishings of any kind can be spruced up and cleaned with this magnificent oil everything from doors and panelling to wooden counter tops and furniture of any kind. The brilliant natural ingredients also mean there’s no risk of harmful effects being left on the wood and makes it the must have addition to your cleaning supply cupboard.