The Best Standing Coat Racks for Home and Office

Standing coat racks are a great option for your coat hanging needs in medium to larger entryways or hallways. They can add a great deal of charm to most entry setting and are a chic alternative to hallway closets or wall hung racks. In addition, they will keep your entrance hall clutter free and neat.

Even though my space is limited, I do enjoy entertaining. I do not have a room where I can simply “throw” people’s coats. I have to have the convenience of allowing people to hang their own jackets, purses etc.. So, I invested in four coat rack stands and I am glad I did. I look at them as not only functional parts of the house but beautiful decor.

Coat Racks, Coat Trees, Hall Trees, or whatever you want to call them, are made of different materials. By the way, as a side note, my grandmother called them “hallway catch-alls.” Any way, mine are made of wood, cast iron, brass and concrete. Yes, that is correct, I have one of concrete.

My friend, Lisa, who is an artisan, created the one made of concrete. The other three coat tree stands I purchased or got from various places. The one made of brass I purchased from a second hand store. I was able to buy this at a convenient price of twelve dollars. So, if you are willing to take some time to attend flea markets, yard sales, or second hand stores, you might find a deal you will like on some free standing coat racks.

Now I have a standing coat rack made of wood that was given to me, as a gift, by a very loving relative. She had known that I was looking for another coat rack umbrella stand to place in the area of my back door. Since, I live in a very wet state, it is imperative for me to keep messes down. Coats and cloaks hang near the front and back doors allowing precipitation (also mud or dirt) to stay in one area.

The brass and cast iron standing coat racks are a bit taller than the other two. Even though I do have the ability to move them around my home, these two have not been moved from their original areas. They are heavier and would do damage if they fell over. Nonetheless, they have several pegs on which to hang items. I use these floor standing coat racks for coats, cloaks, umbrellas and various other items.

Now, I have been scolded by a few members of my immediate family who feel that two of the wooden standing coat racks do not compliment my home’s decor. I am not a woman who worries about how others may feel about the furniture in my home. Fashion is only dictated by those who named the fad first.I rather enjoy the likes of a wood coat rack stand and do not regret any of them in my home.

I enjoy that these can be moved freely about my tiny home. Yet, they do afford me the right to allow them to stay right where they are to hang items from. Whether you decide to have free standing coat rack in your home is totally up to your discretion. Browse the Internet. Check out some catalogs. You can see some at antique shops. This is a good item to help your messy spots stay organized. Happy racking.

Guide to Standing Coat Racks

These coat rack stands are normally made of metals like brass, steel, cast iron, or aluminum, but the traditional standing free standing coat rack are is usually made of wood and has the best appeal.

Regardless of the material, these coat racks are made available in a variety of attractive colors, styles and finishes.

Wooden Coat Racks

If you are thinking about getting a wooden coat rack you ought to make sure that it’s made with superior quality wood that gives the rack a strong support for the heaviest of coats and allow for long lasting use. Most wood standing coat racks have the stability and support to hold a good amount of coat weight, but there are always a few that will topple over given an overabundance of coats. You should test out the stability of a wooden standing coat rack before you bring one home.

Standing Racks with Metal Detail

The Wooden and polished brass look has a more conventional and formal appearance. The wrought iron standing coat rack with exquisite designs and detailed scroll-work create a more casual appeal. With a metal standing coat rack, it’s somewhat essential to make sure that the metal has a protective finish or coating over it to keep from rusting and for long lasting durability. Keep in mind that your coat rack will most likely get wet some time during its use as you are eventually likely to come home out of the rain.

Coat / Hat Hooks and Umbrella Stands

Most standing coat rack trees come with coat as and hat hooks. What’s more appealing to many is the coat rack with umbrella stand. Consider your needs as well as the look before getting a rack with an umbrella stand. If you don’t like the look you can always get a rack with low hooks and hang your umbrella lower on the rack. The coat rack umbrella stand is extremely popular and useful to most homes and business as well. It gives your customers a place to put their wet umbrellas so as not to get your business floor all wet causing possible hazards.

If you have children it might be a good idea to consider these lower hooks further. And if children will be using this rack, it’s imperative to make sure it has a strong base and will not tumble over. Moreover, you ought to also make sure that all paints or finishes used on your coat rack are safe and absolutely toxic free.

Final Advice
Before making your final purchasing decisions and buying a standing coat rack, be sure to take into account the existing décor of your home and entryway as well as the room available and the size of the coat rack.