Popular Types of Teakwood Furniture

Other hardwoods such as oak can stain and absorb water, which can destroy any furniture. When water seeps into cracks in the wood, the water is absorbed causing the wood to warp, crack, and peel. The furniture will either have to be repaired if that is possible, however in most instanced the furniture is ruined and will have to be replaced. This can be a very costly exercise. Teak on the other hand is water resistant, making it perfect for tables, bars, and even boat decking. In fact it is one of the best choices for Patio Furniture.

Teak has been a popular choice of wood for fine furniture makers globally. In fact there are plenty of antiques that are teakwood that span hundreds of years. Although Teak is usually associated with Dutch and Scandinavian furniture designers, the first culture to extensively use this wood were the Indonesians.

Another wonderful benefit of teakwood is the beauty that it adds to any garden, and yard. In addition, I know that by selecting teak, I’m not adding to the destruction of valuable forest. Teak, today is grown on plantations under controlled harvesting. Teak grown in Indonesia is replenished as it is harvested, making teakwood an environmentally sound investment as well as a beautiful choice.


Teak tables are a number one choice for furniture that lasts. Due to its hardiness, teak tables are great for both indoor and outdoor usage. Because of its beauty, many people use teak tables indoor. Unfinished Teak performs excellently outside, turning a beautiful gray over time. It is water-resistant, resistant to rot, insect infestation including termites and is so durable that it can withstand the elements. If you so desire, teak can also be stained, bleached, or treated to bring out certain colors and sheens of the wood.

If you invest in well-crafted teakwood tables, you will be investing in furniture which can last longer than a lifetime, bring you and your family years of enjoyment.


Teak bars are beautiful alternatives to any other type of wooden bars.

Are considering installing a bar in your home or business? Then consider teakwood bars. Teak bars are beautiful alternatives to any other type of wooden bars.

They are the hardest wood on the market, making them the most durable. Teak is also very water resistant, which is why it has been used in shipbuilding for centuries.

Saving Money with Teak:

Most people will laugh when you mention saving money by installing teak bars. However, because of its durability and high water resistance this is precisely what you will be doing if you install real teak bars instead of another type of hardwood. If you’re building or purchasing a bar, you want one that will withstand abuse and be water-repellent, as well as look nice. Teak wood will do precisely that.

During the 1700’s the British Navy used Teak to build their warships for two reasons: first it was resistant to insects, rot and water and second, the wood was so durable that it would not splinter when hit with artillery fire. Your bar will never have to deal with artillery fire; however, it will have to withstand countless people, leaning, hitting, kicking, and spilling drinks all over it.

The first restaurant my Aunt and Uncle owned had teakwood bars. During an electric storm, lightening struck the restaurant and burned it. The damage was so intense that the place had to be torn down. The only items that were salvageable were the teakwood bars. With a little sanding, they were restored to their beauty. Thirty years later, the restaurant has changed owners, but the Teakwood bars are still there. Teakwood is so durable it is the perfect choice for the busy bar crowd. Teak bars can endure nearly any human abuse that comes their way. 


Teak rocking chairs are a beautiful and often overlooked piece of furniture for any home.

Rocking chairs are often thought of as antiques, however this is not always the case. Leading furniture companies have designed updated versions of the classic rocking chair putting the latest ergonomics knowledge to use in their designs. In addition, many of these furniture companies are using the finest quality of materials including teakwood in the construction of their rocking chairs.

Many times, a person who has never sat in a teakwood rocking chair will pass it up for the couch or chair.

However, once someone has had the pleasure of sitting in a teakwood rocking chair, they will be amazed at how comfortable such a sparse piece of furniture can really be.

For centuries, rocking chairs have been used both indoor and outdoor, and today many homeowners’ still place the classic rocking chair on the front porch. Teakwood rocking chairs are so durable that they can withstand the elements, including rain, heat, and insects. The beauty of teak rocking chairs is only surpassed by its durability, making them ideal for indoor-outdoor use.


Today as an adult, I enjoy and appreciate the comfort and feel of my own teak lounge chairs.

I have found that teak lounge chairs are pure heaven to kickback and relax in, especially on a hot humid summer day. Nothing feels as comfortable or as substantial as teakwood patio and garden furniture. It has the weight of any fine hardwood to give you the security, to simply fall asleep, and it provides great comfort underneath your body. (if lounge chairs arent your thing – go for a timeless classic – the adirondack chair.

As a child, the adults of the family always sat on the teak furniture, leaving the cheap plastic or aluminum lounge chair for us kids to use. Once you’ve sat on a searing hot aluminum lounge chair, you quickly learn to either sit on the ground or eat your picnic lunch standing up.