Old Furniture – Don’t get Hung up on the Value

Many people get antique furniture from family members, flea markets or garage sales. It fulfills a need, and there is just something about the charm of an older piece. That’s probably why you got it. Maybe the finish is not the best, so you start asking around to find ideas as to what to do with it. You will get anything from “wash it with soapy water” to completely strip and refinish the piece. But along the way, someone will bring up the subject of value.

Many will tell you not to do anything as you will devalue the piece. Some will tell you to refinish. Some will tell you to use wax or polish. But the question of value will keep coming up. (if you are looking to clean old or even new used wooden furniture, read this guide)

First of all, the things we have in life are for us to enjoy. Of course, unless we you are only concerned with antiques from a business stand point. So now value is relevant to you and the piece.

For instance, if the piece is so dirty and smelly that you don’t want to bring it into your house, then it is of little value to you. Even though a price guide says it’s valued at $1,200.00

Even if you got your piece of furniture from Grandma, it is valuable to you primarily because it came from Grandma.

But then if you keep it in the garage, because it’s finish is in bad shape, then it is of no useful value. So we should consider how to relate to it as personal enjoyment value. Since these pieces have sentimental or nostalgia value, we would find it reasonable to not worry so much as to monetary value but to personal use, sentimental and nostalgic value.

This is often why interior designers add an antique piece of furniture in every decor. Most of us like the warm, fuzzy connection to our past. So don’t get hung up on the value of your piece. Instead enjoy it!