Modern Coat Rack Ideas for the Home

Most likely, your hall closet is just waiting to be opened so that everything can spring out at once. However if you have invested in a good coat rack, your friends’ coats will not end up on the couch, kitchen chairs or your bed either.

When it comes to finding modern coat racks, the results are endless. A modern coat rack is one that looks good in a home that has modern, contemporary or eclectic décor. It is chic, cool, sleek, funky, fun or all of these combined.

For ultra funk, take a look at ribbon coat racks. Made to look like it is blowing in the wind, a ribbon coat rack can hold up to five items. Even if you do not place a single item on it, this modern wall coat rack looks great just attached to your wall. It comes in black, red, yellow, bronze and white. Each rack is individually hand-crafted in India so no two are alike. These would also look great in a child’s room. Attached them at a lower level so they can hang coats, hats, necklaces, baseball caps and anything else they wish to hang.

Another modern wall coat rack is a wall spine. This one is polished aluminum, wall-mounted and looks like, you guessed it, a spine. This modern free standing coat rack can hold up to ten items, takes up no floor space and will enhance any modern home. It is light-weight, strong and very easy to install. Place one of these in a garage for wet and heavy coats that do not need to come into the house.

A trendy floor modern coat rack stand is another option. One popular choice looks like a traditional coat rack in shape; it has six large arms on top, six smaller arms right below them and has a circle on the bottom for umbrellas. There ends the traditional look, however, because these modern coat trees come in metal and in colors such as vivid orange, bright yellow and turquoise. They would look great by your front door, just as good in your bathroom (I mean who really has enough bars for towels?) and fabulous in your kitchen for aprons, hand-towels and favorite mugs. Who says a modern wall mounted coat rack can only be used for coats anyway?

For a sleek look you might consider a chrome coat rack with steel tubes. These look sharp and are extremely strong. Place one by the front door and prepare for a huge party as these can hold up to forty-eight coats. You do not have forty-eight guests at any given time? In that case, pile on the coats, purses, backpacks and anything else that would normally clutter the floor, couch or the kitchen chairs.

You will be amazed at the variety available once you start looking for a modern coat rack. Whatever your style is, it is out there.