Milwaukee Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit Review

This is a Guest Review. If you are a wood working beginner read this first!

My friend had recently asked me to get a powerful drill-driver combo as she was leaving to her parent’s house in a few weeks. I thought, that’s not a big deal and sat before my laptop to research on the combos. Oh boy, it was one tough task. But I got to learn a lot of how the mean machines work and as well as what kind of tool does what nature of a job. I primarily classified my requirements into the following categories:

  • Power of the motor
  • Battery life
  • Weight of the machine
  • Speed
  • Ease of use


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After going through several machines, I can now proudly say that I have laid my hands on the best machine ever built. My hands were testing and working on Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo for the past few days and they are loving it. So, I wanted to share how my research had gone through and what my experiences were. (Also read: What is an impact Driver).

The Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit consists of one Compact Driver(MWK-2601-20) and the 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver(MWK-2650-20). Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is well known for its manufacturing capabilities of heavy-duty portable electric power tools and accessories. And, they have excelled again with this Milwaukee compact drill and impact driver.


Let’s get to know what the core strengths of Compact drill/driver:

This combo delivers a wholesome punch in the sense of torque to make work easier and faster. The more the torque, the more faster the machine runs. This is the main reason to attain precision and complete the work efficiently by using a Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill.

Lithium-Ion batteries for faster recharge and higher battery life. If a drill/driver has more power, it means more consumption of batteries. That’s the main reason why Milwaukee has given lithium-ion batteries for power-mongers. These batteries recharge quickly and hold to maximum time of the completion of the job. If you need to recharge in the middle, that’s not a problem. They recharge pretty quickly. So, if you are taking a break for a slightly long period of 30 minutes, plug the kit in and carry on.

Extremely lightweight at not more than 4 pounds. Milwaukee designed it’s most mean machine in a handy and ergonomic design making the compact drill extremely easy to work with. And this is an added advantage for people who work longer hours on a big project.

The assisting belt clip on the tool base gives you more flexibility and usability in the long run.

Battery indicator to show the exact levels of current battery state. Milwaukee had always been a leader in lithium-ion technology. Right from when they launched the first ever lithium-ion system in 2005 and then in the next year, when they launched the first backward compatible lithium-ion. Milwaukee batteries are 65% lighter, 50% smaller and store more than 30% power over the compact NiCd batteries.

Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo has a fuel gauge that informs you the approximate time when to recharge and the rate at which your battery is being used right now.

Extremely faster motor when compared to any competitors. While the M18 ½” Compact Drill/Driver Delivers 400 In-lbs of Torque and is Only 4 lbs. and is 7 ¾” Long, the other jewel in the kit M18 ¼” Hex Compact Impact comes with the Milwaukee 4-Pole Frameless Motor and delivers 1400 In-lbs. of torque.


  • M18 ½” Compact Drill/Driver Delivers 400 In-lbs of Torque and is Only 4 lbs. and 7 ¾” Long
  • M18 ¼” Hex Compact Impact with the Milwaukee 4-Pole Frameless Motor Delivers 1400 In-lbs. of torque
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Battery: (2) 18V LITHIUM-ION Compact Battery Packs (48-11-1815)
  • Charger: 30-Minute Charger
  • Carrier: Carrying Case
  • Includes: Compact Driver (MWK-2601-20), 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver (MWK-2650-20), (2) 18V LITHIUM-ION Compact Battery Packs (MWK-48-11-1815), 18V Charger (48-59-1801), Carrying Case


I have always been a DeWalt girl but when my 20 year old+ DeWalt cordless drill puked I had to start looking for something new. The salesman told me about the great trade in offer from Milwaukee that gave me two for the price of one with move voltage. With a 30 day no questions asked warranty I had to try it.

I have never had an impact driver but the first day out of the box I needed it. What a great pair of drills. Drove 3 inch screws in hardwood with no problems, didn’t even need to drill pilot holes first either. Took out the 8 year old weathered screws in the same way, effortlessly.

I didn’t know how much the weight of the DeWalt was affecting my carpel tunnel but know I know. The light on the drill and the battery power indicator are great bonuses and so is the plastic carrying case. You can’t go wrong with the Milwaukee drill and driver set. Batteries charge in 30 minutes instead of 15 but I can live with that. This is my first Milwaukee purchase but it won’t be my last.


I only want to comment about one thing on these tools. The palms of my hands are wide, XL size when I buy gloves. I tried gripping all the better quality 18 volt drills: Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, and Ridgid. Only the Milwaukee felt comfortable and didn’t feel like I was trying to get a wide foot into a shoe that was too narrow.

The DeWalt gave my palm enough room but there’s a raised piece on the plastic handle under the trigger that dug into my middle finger after awhile. As far as the quality of the Milwaukee M18 tools I’ll give them 5 stars there also.Hint: Buy a Milwaukee High Capacity Battery (#48-11-1828) as a backup third battery if you think you’ll need more runtime. They fit on the same charger, and then save a lot of money by only buying bare tools in the future as you need them. You’ll save on chargers, batteries, and cases you don’t need.