McCloskey Spar Marine Varnish Review

McCloskey Man O’ War Spar Varnish is the strongest name in clear wood protection. Use McCloskey Spar Varnish on interior and exterior wood surfaces to protect and beautify for years to come. McCloskey Man O’ War Spar Varnish is a very easy to apply, tung oil base marine spar varnish that provides maximum ultraviolet (UV) protection to wood.

Man O’ War Spar Varnish can be used on indoor or outdoor wood surfaces, and is especially well suited for marine applications such as teak and mahogany on boats, exterior doors, window sills and outdoor furniture.

IMPORTANT:After using McCloskeys Spar Varnish, place rags, steel wool, and waste immediately after use in a sealed, water-filled metal container. See back of container for additional information.