Jet JMS-12SCMS Miter Saw Review

Jet JMS-12SCMS is extremely powerful and smooth cutter which is capable of cutting at various angles by simply drawing in a spiral cutting blade onto the wood or other material via plunges which are small but precise.


Following is the detailed list of various feature and specifications incorporated by Jet JMS-12SCMS Miter Saw.

  • Built-in Laser: JMS-12SCMS has built in high quality innovative green Xacta laser which significantly improves the visibility thus allowing you to apply highly precise and accurate cuts.
  • Efficient Controls: It possesses highly efficient up front controls which helps a lot in enhancing the overall safety. Also, these controls provide significant ease of use.
  • Highly Precise Cutting: Jet JMS-12SCMS has dual bevel ability which makes it possible to stop and angle at 0, 33.9 and 45 degrees on both left and right, as a result you can have highly precise cutting exactly as per your requirement.
  • Good Quality Design: This machine is highly efficient in terms of design. It is specifically designed in such a way that you always remain highly comfortable during cutting. Its handle is over molded and is D shaped providing maximum control while cutting thus allowing you to have highly accurate and exactly desired cuts. This equipment has terrific shape and looks pretty decent wherever you place it.
  • Enhanced Portability: Jet JMS-12SCMS is smaller in size and lighter in weight, as a result, it is very easy to move this machine from one place to another, and also, you can easily carry it to job site without any help from someone else.
  • Powerful Motor with safe clamp and Ten Detents: Jet JMS-12SCMS Miter Saw has 15 AMP motor which incorporates electric brake and ball bearing. User friendly hold down clamp facilitates highly precise cuts by enhancing the stability of the piece. A fast cam miter lock stops and adjusts at 10 different detents including starting from 0 and ending at 45 degrees.
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Construction: The machine can be used for years without any fear for enhanced wear and tear because it incorporates die-cast aluminum construction which is extremely durable but not too bulky and can easily be carried.



  • High quality green Xacta laser for enhanced visibility and accurate cutting
  • Increased safety because of up-front controls
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Extremely durable and can be employed for years without any concern for wear and tear
  • Highly efficient and user friendly design
  • More precise and accurate cutting


  • Some reviewers find that the laser is placed at wrong place and as a result saw dust plasters the laser while cutting
  • Requires some learning before you can apply highly precise cuts
  • It isn’t exactly cheap!


Without any doubt, Jet JMS-12SCMS Miter Saw is an amazing high quality saw and I’ll strongly recommend purchasing it. Enhanced efficiency, strong motor and exceptionally durable construction will never disappoint you.