Identifying Different Cleaning Methods For Different Wood Floors

In order to properly clean your wood floors, you are going to first have to determine exactly what type of wood it is that you are dealing with, as well as figuring out the best cleaning solution that you should use to properly maintain the luster and appeal of the flooring.

There are two major types of wood floors, and while they are both considered hardwood, one is a lot easier to maintain than its counterpart, and this means that you save a lot of time and energy when it comes to keeping them clean.

  • Natural Hardwood
  • Manufactured Hardwood Floors


Natural hardwood floors are by far the hardest to keep clean, because you have to be certain that the chemicals you are using to clean them are not going to remove the polish and layer of protection wax on top of the floors.  This layer is there to protect the soft natural wood from nicks and dings as objects are dropped against it.

This layer also waterproofs the real wood, helping to keep it from warping over time due to moisture, or failing to get all of the liquid off of it in time.  These are typically worries with all natural hard wood flooring. From time to time you may have to buffer your hardwood floor again.


However, there is another type of wood flooring that is called manufactured or hard pressed wood floors, and these types of floors will save you a lot of money on both the initial material cost as well as the cost of installation.

This type of wood is built by using sawdust created from cutting the natural wood boards, and then compressed together under extreme pressure using a mixture of both heat and glue to ensure that the sawdust particles adhere together.

Manufactured hardwood flooring has an incredible lifespan, and stands up to most of the harsh cleaners that you will throw at it.

By figuring out exactly what type of wood floors you have, you are going to save yourself a lot of money and frustration by not destroying the finish on them.  Some chemicals that are great for manufactured wood floors will completely eat away the protective layer found on natural wood, whereas the chemicals used for natural wood may not be strong enough to remove the buildup that is found on manufactured wood floors.

These few key differences determine whether you are enjoying your floors, or trying to figure out a way to fix the problem created by using the wrong floor  cleaning solution, vacuum or even scrubber.