How to Clean Leather Dining Chairs

September 21, 2021

Are you thinking about doing something that will bring a certain ‘je ne se quois’ (something special) to your dining room? If so, you might want to consider looking at some leather dining chairs.

90% of dining chairs in typical American homes are the standard ‘boring’ wooden dining chairs that we’ve all seen (and probably own).

There’s nothing particularly wrong with these, but they’re no match for leather dining room chairs (in terms of style and comfort) whichever way you look at it! (see our article on Types of Chairs)


When looking to buy a leather dining chairs you have literally hundreds of different options. There are so many different designs that you could spend forever looking – each with their own take on the leather chair idea and each with their own blend of colors. The reason leather dining chairs are so admired is because leather is one material that matches up well with almost any kind of style or look that you might have in your dining room.

This versatility means that you can continually redecorate your house but you won’t have to buy new leather dining table chairs each time. Black leather dining chairs are the most common color that you’ll find, but brown leather dining chairs are also fairly popular.


The only downside to leather dining chairs is that they do need to be taken care of if you want to keep them in top class condition. This (fortunately) isn’t a difficult process, and is one that can be done in a few minutes at most. Before attempting to do anything to your leather chair, first take the time to have a good and thorough read of the instructions that came with it (presuming you got an instruction manual). Look for any advice concerning cleaning and maintenance (particularly the ‘dos’ and ‘dont’s’).READ OUR LEATHER CLEANING GUIDES:


  • Now, first things first – give your chair a good clean wipe with a damp cloth to get all of the surface grime off of it.
  • Don’t press too hard and make sure the cloth is just a little damp (you don’t want any water soaking into your leather dining chairs).
  • Make sure your leather chairs are wiped thoroughly (even in areas that appear to be clean – since you need to get rid of all the dust) before moving on.
  • For any more difficult stains, consult your manual for what you are allowed to use on them (usually soap-based products) and get to work, rubbing in short circular motions and not pressing too hard.
  • After doing so give your leather dining chairs a quick rinse and voila!
  • Always use recommended leather cleaning products.