How to Clean Bathroom Walls

Whether you like it or not grime and dirt can build on bathroom walls due to over-spray from a certain toiletries such as hairspray, perfume and deodorant. Through simple brushing, your hair may also stick on the bathroom walls. Humidity and moisture could further add the stickiness on the walls, it also aggravates the mild and mildew to buildup as well as fungal growth. So read on for you to learn how to clean bathroom walls.


  • Mop, sponge and other cleaning tools
  • Cotton Balls
  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning gloves (and mask if you can)
Always remember not to mix bleach and ammonia because the effects are tremendously toxic and dangerous.


  • It would be nice to wear older clothes when cleaning the bathroom because bleach might splash and stain the clothing.
  • Make sure to open the windows for appropriate ventilation.
  • Remove any obstructions such as hanging towels, toilet scrubbers and waste baskets.
  • Check if there’s a presence of mold or dirt on shower curtains and drapes in the bathroom before you start cleaning the walls. If necessary, remove them while walls are being scrubbed.


  1. Fill the bucket with clean and lukewarm water and add half cup of bleach and mix. Don’t splash the water and bleach for the reason that the bleach could damage and burn the eyes. Fill the bathtub and sink with water and bleach solution if the bucket isn’t available.
  2. Dab the wall corners close to the bathtub with a cotton ball dipped in the bleach solution. Put the cotton balls in the corner before cleaning the walls. This will help as the bleach will soak the wall corners making them easier to clean .
  3. Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect the skin from the bleach. Immerse a hefty sponge into the solution of bleach and water. For larger areas, use a mop instead. Begin from the upper corner of the wall and rinse the walls working from the top to bottom. Wash the sponge regularly.
  4. If the walls are tiled, you can use tough bristles. Scrub the grout using toothbrush to eliminate the mold and mildew in minor areas.
  5. Use cotton swabs to eliminate any residual mildew.
  6. Let the bathroom dry and keep the windows open for about 30 minutes.

Open the windows and switch on the exhaust fan to prevent the build up of mold and mildew into the bathroom walls.