How to Care For A Glass Top Dining Table

If you’re looking for a unique and special kind of look for your dining room, than a glass top dining table might be just the very thing you’re looking for. Most of you will have only ever seen and used wooden dining tables, but all that is changing as glass dining tables become cheaper and more accessible than ever.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to consider when buying a glass top dining room table is that you don’t just have to use plain old see-through glass (like you have on your windows). In fact, you can have all sorts – like cloudy glass or glass with custom made patterns in there (which can look absolutely amazing).

In fact, a friend of mine had their oval glass top dining table customized so that they had the names of each family member engraved around the table (much like how you’d set out place mats at a wedding). Note that you should not take this process lightly and you should only ever let someone engrave your table if they are an expert and have adequate experience.

Part of the beauty of having a contemporary glass top dining table is that you don’t have to use a table cloth (as you do with most wooden tables), meaning you can let  the true nature of the glass shine through and sparkle.

Part of the beauty of having a contemporary glass top dining table is that you don’t have to use a table cloth


It seems that the main problem with owning a glass top dining table is trying to keep it clean from all the marks that it seems to pick up. So what’s the best way to keep your glass top dining table clean and smear free?

Coasters! First of all, use coasters and place mats for everything. Never place a drink down on there without first having a coaster under it and never place a plate or bowl down without using a place mat. This should stop 90% of smears and marks outright.

The Newspaper Trick: Now, if you still find you have the occasional mark on your glass dining table you should find an old newspaper and gently rub the mark off. The reason that a newspaper works better than paper towels is because they don’t have any lint in them (which can leave behind trails and marks) meaning you get a clean and smooth wipe.

In addition to this, cleaning a glass top dining table with a newspaper is a very eco-friendly thing to do since you’re essentially recycling old paper that you would be throwing away instead of using another paper towel.