Folding Tables Buying Guide

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Whatever the celebration, when your guest list runs long and your home’s seating doesn’t, folding tables provide an affordable, portable solution.

Folding tables come in a wide variety of lengths and heights; some are rectangular in shape while others are round. Many folding tables have durable plastic or resin tops ideal for weathering outdoor receptions, rowdy poker nights, and your childrens art projects.

And, of course, folding tables feature coated steel or other metal legs that collapse under the table top, leaving you with a clean, compact table easily stacked against others in a shed or slid into crevices next to kitchen cabinets.


Whether you’re looking for a table to set out the food at your next picnic or planning an office seminar, you’re sure to find a great solution with a folding table. Not only are folding tables affordable, they’re also low-maintenance and can be easily stored when not in use.

Folding tables are made from a variety of materials and come in a large selection of shapes, sizes and prices. Before deciding which is the right folding table for you, it’s important to consider for what purpose you are going to use it.

Selecting size and shape of a folding table

If your folding table is to be used for dinner seating or as a buffet table for social gatherings or picnics, it’s better to go for a narrow and long folding table that can accommodate more guests and offer additional table space.

When considering a folding table for a training or conference room, consider a long, rectangular table with ample legroom to comfortably seat attendees. A folding worktable for the garage can be square or rectangular.

If looking for a folding table for playing cards or other family games, try a square-shaped one that can also be used for sewing, needlework, or even for gift-wrapping.

Using your folding table indoors and out

Consider your use for the folding table-indoors or outside-before determining your selection. A wood-top folding table is exceptionally sturdy and lasts the longest of its competitors when used indoors. A folding table with a plastic or vinyl top is not only ideal for both indoors and outdoors, but it can also be cleaned easily with soap and water.

The right material for your folding table

A folding table made of tubular steel, rustproof aluminum, or other metals is built for years of hassle-free use. Designed to combine sturdiness and convenience, a folding table with metal legs topped with a wood, plastic, or vinyl top has recently gained popularity.

For a more cost efficient folding table with a wood top, try opting for a table made of particleboard and a fused-on melamine top. While as strong and stable as wood, a particleboard with laminate top offers great value for the money and is still very attractive.

The weight of a folding table

Make sure you’re comfortable with the weight of the folding table you’re considering to buy. Some of the sturdier folding tables may weigh a little bit more than the lighter ones, while a number of very solidly built tables can be surprisingly lightweight.

Folding table storage

If you have restricted space, make sure your folding table can be easily stored when it’s not in use. Many tables can be stowed away in compact places, whereas some may require additional storage space.

For schools, churches, or banquet halls, make sure you use convenient, easy-stacking table carts to make carting and storing of folding tables quick and easy.