Finding Restaurant Chairs for a New Restaurant

One of the most exciting and difficult businesses you can start is that of a restaurant, especially if you are opening your own restaurant and not a franchise of another (like Subway or McDonalds). One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is about what kind of restaurant furniture you have (and what kind of restaurant chairs in particular).

The key to remember is if you don’t have comfortable restaurant chairs people won’t want to come to your restaurant.


There are several factors that you must think about when deciding what restaurant chairs to get, such as

  • cost (i.e. how much you have to spend and the size of your budget),
  • type (do you want single chairs, stools, booth chairs or a mix of them all for you restaurant?),
  • materials (do you like the wooden restaurant chair look or do you want metal or plastic?)
  • style (you want something that fits in with the general theme and ambience of the rest of your restaurant).


In regards to style, think very carefully before you do anything. Try to get an overall picture of how your restaurant is going to look so that you can choose restaurant chairs that fit in with that style accordingly. In many cases the style of your restaurant dining chairs is very much dictated by the kind of joint you’re opening.

For example, if you’re opening a good old fashioned American steak house then a set of classic wooden restaurant chairs is fine. Supposing you’re opening a Thai restaurant – you might want to then consider wicker furniture or if it’s a modernistic sushi bar than tall metal bar stools might be more appropriate.


Because you’re going to be buying more than just one or two restaurant chairs (and many different pieces of restaurant furniture) you’re most likely better off going to a specialist who sells them in bulk (thus affording you a better price than if you were to go to a mainstream shop such as IKEA or Pottery Barn).

If you’re short on cash you might even consider looking for some used restaurant chairs since they’re usually available at a lower price than brand new ones.

Lastly, it’s never a good idea to buy restaurant table chairs without any consideration for that table that they’re going to fit under, since the two items (and designs) should match perfectly.