Best Electric Fireplace Heaters

Reinvent the space you live in everyday and make it unique. Design your house after your own sense of style and choose an electric corner fireplace to upgrade the décor of a perfect living room.

Fires are a wonderful heating source that provides you with the added perk of creating a nice, relaxing ambiance that you just can’t get with a furnace. Unfortunately, there are two potential risks with fireplaces: burns and fires. In order to mitigate some of that risk you can invest in an electric fireplace and you’ll still get to keep the overall feel and heat source.

Electric fireplace heaters can be a great way to space heat a room and have something pretty to look at. There is something hypnotizing about the glow of a dancing flame and the electric fireplace simulates the flame well enough to keep the eye busy for awhile. They also are a great way to keep a room warm without having an unsightly space heater.

But we still feel obligated to remind you that any heat source has some risk. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that in a recent year there were more than 10,000 residential fires and nearly 200 deaths associated with portable or fixed space heaters.

They also estimate that an average of nearly 100 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by heating systems (such as electric fireplaces), ovens and water heaters. So making a smart choice on your electric fireplace isn’t just about saving money; it’s about saving lives, too. With that kind of pressure, you may feel overwhelmed, but don’t; we’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list to get you started on your purchase.

We reviewed dozens of electric fireplaces to identify the best of the best. We looked at fireplaces with programmable timers to shut off, even if you fall asleep in the warmth and those you’ll hang on your wall. We found inserts into existing fireplaces to create a safer or more efficient heat and those you just plug in and push up against the wall. We also cover the best space heaters in a separate review so you can find what you need to keep every room in your home warm and toasty.

The 4 Top-Rated Electric Fireplaces

If you are trying to save on heating costs, but have a room where you spend a lot of time and want it to be warm, an electric fireplace heater is a great option.

The electric fireplace not only looks good it can be used as a space heater as well. Just make sure you get an electric fireplace that has a built in heater and a blower to get the most from the heat. Then with the flick of a switch and the turn of the remote you will have heat, light, and cool flame all at your fingertips.

Editors PicksBrandRating
Best OverallPuraFlame Klaus Black Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert With Remote Control5
Runner UpRegal Flame 50″ Cynergy Built-in Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace4.5
Best Budget BuyClevr Vertical Wall Mounted Modern Black Electric Heat Fireplace Heater with Remote4.2
Best Wall Mount Electric FireplaceTouchstone Ivory Wall-Hanging Heated Electric Fireplace4.2

Our Top Pick: PuraFlame Klaus Black Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert With Remote Control

A solid 5/5 rating on Amazon out of over 1000 reviews! See Reviews here

The PuraFlame Klaus Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert With Remote Control is a perfect solution for any number of possible concerns or DIY opportunities. We love that, even though this is strictly speaking, a fireplace intended to sit inside an existing (but not used) fireplace, that isn’t the only option you have with it. You can easily build your own fireplace hearth for this, and in fact, the customer reviews on Amazon are full of pictures of people doing just that. There is even a few photographs detailing a step-by-step on how to simply cut a hole in the wall and secure this inside it.

This electric fireplace insert can easily be installed however you choose and features an energy-saving LED design that makes it both beautiful and economical. The fireplace can be operated with or without heat so you can enjoy the look of a fire year-round, so even if you don’t want the warmth, you can still enjoy any stress-release you get from sitting by the fire with a nice cup of hot coco or mulled wine.

With over 1000 customer reviews on Amazon, this electric fireplace has well-earned its impressive overall rating of 4.5 stars. And it’s not hard to see why; with a remote that allows you control of so many of its features, you don’t even need to get up to get the exact setting you want.

Our Runner Up Pick: Regal Flame 50″ Cynergy Built-in Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

For a classic-looking fireplace that requires none of the work building or maintaining, check out the Regal Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace.

This Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace allows you to choose one of three settings including one that is flame only without heat, so you can enjoy the look of a fire even during the hot summer months. It is a vent-less system and requires no special installation specifications, aside from 36 inches of clearance which may only come into play if you opt to mount it under a television.

You’ll be able to use this fireplace anywhere you have a plug; it works off a 110V plug, and won’t blow your fuse every time you operate it. And installing it is a piece of cake – all the mounting hardware is already included so you won’t need to make any extra trips to the hardware store.

With well over 190 customer reviews and an overall rating of 4.2 stars, it’s reasonable to expect you can be another satisfied customer should you buy this.

Best Budget Pick: Clevr 32″ Vertical Wall Mounted Modern Black Electric Heat Fireplace Heater with Remote

Enjoy the luxury of an electric fireplace, without the need to empty your bank account to have it.

The Clevr 32″ Vertical Wall Mounted Modern Black Electric Heat Fireplace Heater with Remote features two heat settings and is ideal for heating rooms up to 400 sq ft in size. Thanks to a unique design, it can be recessed mounted for a sleek and low-profile look or simply placed on a mantle for a low-effort installation that won’t leave the appearance any worse off. You can even hang it on the wall like you would a canvas picture and we especially love the warm glow into the room that the side lights offer.

The remote controls the two heat settings and the flame on or off, as well as the six back light colors. The fireplace includes decorative crystals to give a more realistic appearance and the flame can be turned on without the heat, so you’ll be able to enjoy that glow all year long. The heat is ventilated from the top of the fireplace and requires a 3.28 feet clearance for safety; more than reasonable for the most common placements.

This electric fireplace has an overall rating of 4 stars and while that is certainly more than respectable, the number we like to focus on with this one is the price: It’s only $180! And for the glowing reviews (pun intended with this glowing fireplace), it’s definitely a steal.

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Pick: Touchstone Ivory 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Mount the Touchstone Ivory 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace to your wall (or in it) and enjoy a heater that will add an element of sophistication to any room.

The Touchstone Ivory 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is available in a choice of four color options to suit nearly any home’s decor. You’ll also get to choose whether to use the faux wood or the crystals, and you can alternate as your mood changes because both are included; no need for any extra purchase. It can be recessed-mounted for a sleek, low-profile design or just hung directly on the wall just like any other piece of decor.

But this isn’t just any other piece of decor, despite its gorgeous appearance. It’s also suitable for heating rooms up to 400 sq ft in size and can be controlled by just a touch of a button; even from your bed. You can control the LED lit fireplace or the two heat settings (high and low) and you won’t even need to worry about venting it yourself; just make sure the heat vent at the top has an appropriate clearance and you’re set.

This electric fireplace has an overall rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon, which has been given by over 1500 customer reviews. And while that’s not the largest number of reviews just yet, the percentage of positive ones is certainly more than enough to support the idea that you’ll love this!

Who Should Buy an Electric Fireplace

If you have a certain area in your home that just isn’t being heated to your liking an electric fireplace may be the answer for you. It’s range may not be as large as a wood-burning stove and you can’t usually heat your entire house with one, but if your furnace struggles with getting your newly finished basement or attic warm, then finding an electric fireplace that will warm the room may do wonders. Likewise, if you can keep your furnace, which may be quite expensive to run, on a minimal temperature setting to save a few dollars, you may be able to supplement that with an electric fireplace turned on only when you need it, in only the rooms you’re in at the time. Plus, we all struggle with the first time turning the heat on in the fall; an electric fireplace can help put that off a bit longer.

The heat isn’t the only reason you may want an electric fireplace, though. Even if you only have a furnace in your home, you don’t have to do without the fireplace aesthetic. That calm that washes over you when you’re done for the night and you just want to relax with your feet up in front of a fire can still be yours even if you don’t have the chimney or wood burning stove. The addition of an electric fireplace is one that has the potential to improve your decor scheme and ease a bit of your stress level.

Important Features to Consider

An electric fireplace should do several things well. Here’s what to consider when selecting an electric fireplace for your home:

  • Area of effect. You’ll want to check out how large of an area your electric fireplace will be able to heat effectively. Putting one in a room too big for it to be able to heat won’t do you very much good if you’re depending solely on that as your heat source. However, you will be able to take a bit of the bite off in a chilly room, even if you don’t have a fireplace powerful enough to heat the room on it’s own. And if you have an alternative (and primary) heating source, you may not mind. For example, placing it in the living room of an open floor plan home won’t make the whole floor warm, but it will warm your feet while you relax next to it, waiting for your furnace to kick on. It’s important in this case, though, to not set it to a temperature, as it will likely never be able to reach that temperature. Just keep it on high until your toes thaw a bit and turn it off before bed.
  • Realism. Studies have shown that sitting by a fire is a relaxing past time. It could be an evolutionary response to something that deterred animal attacks or just the calm that being warm provides. No matter the reason, though, you may be able to decompress and enjoy a simpler life, if only for a moment, with the addition of a fireplace in your home. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure your electric fireplace is realistic. It may not give off any of the smoke, crackles or smell, but if you get a fireplace with authentic looking wood or rocks that will glow with an appealing light, then you may find yourself in a calmer state.
  • Wall mount. This is likely the easiest way to introduce an electric fireplace into your home. You can simply use some wall mounting brackets and drywall screws to hang it directly onto your wall. Most of the time, all these pieces are already included. The fireplace will likely hang a good 3-4″ out, so keep that in mind for small areas, but what an easy install! If you’re just dying to turn it into a DIY project, though, you absolutely can by creating your own pallet or stone background to give it a more authentic feel.  But you may just be surprised how easily you can change a room by simply hanging this one thing on the wall.
  • Insert. Some inserts will depend on the brick surroundings for the heat it provides, but for the most part, you can just stick an insert inside a wall. However, if you have a fireplace that is doing nothing for you, if it has a cracked or damaged flute, for example you may want to use the space for an insert. You’ll be able to use the space for effectively warming the room without the costly task of fixing and repairing a chimney. With an electric fireplace, you’ll be able to “build” a fire exactly where the room was designed to have one, without any work in upkeep. So even if your fireplace is fully functional, sticking an electric insert is a fast and easy way to keep the room’s balance without the work and upkeep a standard fireplace requires.
  • Multi-purpose. If you get an electric fireplace that’s built into an entertainment center or some sort of shelving unit, then it can become a part of the focal point of your entire room and you’ll likely end up using the fireplace more often. Frequently we find ourselves buying these new purchases that we don’t use them as often as we thought we would. In fact, you may only use it when you’re cold. If it’s something you’re always looking at though, then there’s a good chance you’ll use it more often. Because a fireplace’s ambiance can create a peaceful and relaxing environment, you may actually benefit from using it all the time, just without the heat on it.
  • Remotes. One of the best features of an electric fireplace is how easy it is to turn on. You won’t need to build or maintain a fire, the entire power of heat and of ambiance is right at the push of a button. It’s a natural evolution that the button become wireless; a fact you will be eternally grateful for when you need turn the heater off at 3 o’clock in the morning because you fell asleep with it on high. Remotes have all kinds of features for all different types of fireplaces; you can set up a program and schedule on some or you can just control the setting as you like it. The key, though, is that you don’t even need to get up to deal with an electric fireplace.

Common Types Of Electric Fireplaces


Most quality electric fireplaces that have built in heaters also have a remote control. This is great if you have the electric fireplace in your bedroom and you are reading in bed. Once it is time to turn off the lamp and go to sleep just switch the heat and the electric flames off or down and sink into your covers and get a cozy nights rests. No need to get out of bed and get cold or wake up more.


Another nice electric fireplace heater option are the electric fireplace stoves. These look like little black wood burning stoves, but they are really electric fireplaces with simulated logs and a built in heater and fan.

One of these is a great little space heater and they look great. You can gaze at the dancing flames as your own personal wood stove heats up the room. If you get a quality electric fireplace heater it should also have a built in thermostat and a fan so you can control the amount of heat and the intensity it is blown into the room.


Advantages of Using an Electric Fireplace

Put one in the living, dining room, den and bedroom. It is the best way to keep warm with burning the central air and heating unit. The electric fireplace can help cut back on unnecessary heating expenses. Why burn the heating unit to cool a small room when the corner electric fireplace can do the job quicker and cheaper. It is perfect to put one in the office at work at to give as presents during the holidays. No home should be without a electric fireplace.

This is the kind of technology that dreams are built on. Experience a warm and relaxing atmosphere any time.

  • Electric fireplace heaters, are easy to use and set up.
  • They are portable and can be moved from room to room.
  • All that is required to operate on is an electrical outlet.
  • They are safe and do not produce any smoke or flames and are safe for pets and children.

Do your self a favor and get one of these great looking options if you need to heat a small area of your home.


The electric fireplace doesn’t go to waste in the summer either. Whenever you don’t need to use the heating system, leave only the flame system work which will spice up your room decoration.

It’s easy to use and safe for your family. You can turn on your electric fireplace without the heat too. Now you can enjoy the ambiance of flames without any heat. A heat-less electric fireplace is safe for kids and pets too.


In the past years technology has reached the highest peak with its invention of the 3D revolution. Thus, an electric fireplace can offer you today the perfect copy of a real one. The 3D technology will give you real flames without any burning wood or fuel smell. Think practical and modern. Chose the perfect fireplace for your home; the one that will give you true comfort and satisfaction.

Whenever you need a new piece of furniture to decorate your room, or you want to feel warm and safe in the privacy of your home, a perfect electric fireplace might do just that. It’s simple to use and effortless. You don’t have to clean it over and over again like the traditional fireplace. You just operate it with the remote control, adjust your preferred temperature and enjoy the perfect atmosphere. It’s not messy because it works only with electricity and can copy the design of the ideal traditional fireplace.

Now you can relax and just forget about future dangers like a real fire, or poisoning. Just enjoy technology because it’s safer and secure. Make your home quiet and peaceful. Relax in the intimacy of your house and create a perfect environment for you and your family.

Enjoy the warmth and coziness of your personal place by adding the perfect electric corner fireplace, the one that will make your life richer and happier

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric fireplace and how does it work?

An electric fireplace is a faux fireplace that will give the appearance of a traditional fireplace; wood or coal or even a gas fire pit with crystals along the bottom. The beauty of the electric fireplace, however, is that it is actually very different, despite appearances. Not only will you not need to pay for a fuel source to burn, you won’t need to work at all to start or maintain the flame. Because the flame isn’t real. Which means you won’t need to worry about any of the risks of fire, either. An electric fireplace will operate as a space heater, passing electricity through conductive wires and ventilate the radiant heat out of it and into the room. You can also operate most electric fireplaces without the heating element; so you can just often just enjoy the fire, even on hot summer nights, without roasting.

Do electric fireplaces cost a lot to run?

The cost of operation of your electric fireplace will, of course, depend on the efficiency of your unit. If you’re using it for ambiance without the heating element, you can expect to pay about the same as any other light; if it’s LED, less than if it’s an incandescent or a CFL. (Most will be LED, though.) You can expect to spend about $1.50 annually for the ambiance. For the heater, though, that’s a different story altogether. Depending on the type you get, and how warm you keep your room, you can expect to spend anywhere from 8 to 23 cents per hour of use on any kind of electric heater, and an electric fireplace is no different. Due to the design of an electric fireplace being designed to mimic a fireplace and not to be the most efficient shape imaginable for a heater, you can expect the cost to be slightly skewed to the more expensive side, but not for all electric fireplaces, and not by loads.

Do electric fireplaces really heat a room?

The entire point of a heating electric fireplace is to heat a room, but it goes without saying that the efficiency of how well it heats the room depends on the quality of your fireplace. Some are better than others and you may notice a dramatic difference if you’re transitioning from a standard fireplace to an electric fireplace. That may mean you simply need to adjust how you operate the electric fireplace; they aren’t the same and you may find yourself getting overheated or cool if you handle it the same as you would a standard fireplace.
All things considered, though, a high-quality, electric fireplace will heat a room more efficiently than a real wood burning fireplace. Wood (or coal or gas) burning fires will vent up through a chimney and a good deal of heat is lost through it. Without the chimney, the electric fireplace uses all the heat produced to actually heat the room.

Do electric fireplaces need to be vented?

With electric fireplaces, or at least those that aren’t purely ornamental and actually do provide heat, you’ll mostly treat as you would any space heater. You’ll want to keep it away from anything particularly flammable, of course; don’t pile your laundry up against it, for example. Any kind of ventilation required will typically be handled by the design of the fireplace. That is, they’ll have built-in a way of ventilating the heat that will be effective in its design without you having to do anything extra. You won’t need to install or use a chimney or any ventilation pipes. You can even place some electric fireplaces in your old fireplace or directly on your drywall. Just follow the directions that the manufacturer details.