Buying An Outdoor Propane Fireplace

As the weather begins to cool, there’s nothing like the warmth of an outdoor propane fireplace to keep you warm, while allowing you the opportunity to remain outside, enjoying the fresh, brisk air. An outdoor propane fireplace is one option that homeowners have for outdoor use, in addition to wood burning, electric fireplaces or natural gas fireplaces and there are numerous benefits to using outdoor propane fireplaces in comparison to other options.

Benefits Of A Propane Fireplace

If you have been considering a propane outdoor fireplace, but aren’t sure if it’s the right decision, consider some of these benefits to buying an outdoor propane fireplace:

Range of Styles

There are many styles of outdoor propane fireplaces to choose from.  You can select a traditional looking fireplace or an outdoor propane fire pit.  Designs run the gamut from super sleek and contemporary to traditional.  You can even find outdoor propane fire tables and fire bowls.   No matter what your style, you are sure to find an outdoor propane fireplace to suit your needs you can even get them in faux stone look.

Ease of Use

Propane is easy to use. One benefit to using propane for an outdoor fireplace is its ease of use. The propane is held in a cylinder or container with a line that runs to the fireplace and dispenses the propane where it then burns. With a quick turn of a dial or push of a switch, the amount of propane delivered into the fireplace can be increased or decreased, making your fire burn hotter or reducing the amount of fuel to create a smaller fire. When you want to put out the fire, you can just turn the propane off – no need to wait for the fire to “burn out”. This feature makes an outdoor propane gas fireplace easy to control.


You can get propane anywhere. Propane is sold in many locations, is easy to get and is relatively inexpensive. In contrast, wood burning fireplaces require wood which has to either be purchased and delivered (which can be rather expensive,) or cut and chopped. Natural gas has to be delivered and is not as easy to get as an individual canister of propane.

Quick Heating

Outdoor propane fireplaces heat quickly. If you have an outdoor propane patio fireplace or one in your backyard, you can turn it on and it provides almost instant heat. This means it will keep you warm right away, so you don’t need to wait for embers to form in order for the fire to generate heat.

Highly Portable

Propane can be used almost anywhere. It is very easy to transport propane and many outdoor propane fireplaces are small enough that they can be moved from location to location if you want to move the source of the fire. So, if you’re hanging out on the patio, you can set the propane fireplace on the patio, but if you’re gathering on the lawn or near your gazebo, the propane fireplace can be moved there. One consideration, however, is that you don’t want to position an outdoor propane fireplace near flammable materials, such as a wood deck. Although the fire can be controlled more easily than a wood burning fireplace, it is still not worth the chance that a stray spark or ember ignites a dry piece of wood.

Buying An Outdoor Propane Fireplace

Choosing an fireplace can be the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space on a cool night. There is a wide selection of outdoor propane gas fireplaces to choose from, with some being as large as a built in outdoor stone fireplace while others are smaller and more portable.

The nice thing about a small and portable fireplace is that you can move the unit around anywhere that you want a bit of heat. As with the difference in sizes and styles, you will also find a wide variety of prices. But no matter what type of fireplace you choose, there is nothing like the warmth of a fire amidst the brisk cool air of the fall or winter season.