Picking The Best Patio Chairs For Your Home

Nothing says summer like a patio table and chairs. Whether you’re having a cookout or just an outdoor party, a patio table and chairs are almost an essential element. Patio tables and chairs come in various styles and materials. They almost come in everything from a 2 person bistro style patio tables and chairs, or a monster 16 person seating arrangement.

You also dont need to necessarily buy a full matching set – mixing two styles up can really work sometimes. which is why this guide concentrates only on types of patio chairs that are best suited, rather than full on patio sets.


When choosing patio chairs there is a wide variety available to select from.

The patio chairs that you select must be weatherproof as well as waterproof. Since patio chairs will be left outdoors making sure that they can withstand the elements will prolong their condition. Selecting chair covers that are easy to clean as well as waterproof will reduce the amount of maintenance required.

High-quality patio chairs ranges from wooden chairs and benches to vintage metal chairs. Wicker chairs and gliders are also popular. You can select patio furniture made from five main materials:

  • wood,
  • iron
  • aluminum (including cast aluminum),
  • wicker or rattan,
  • resin and or plastic.

Ensuring that patio chairs complement your home’s exterior décor while remaining comfortable is vitally important. You’ll need to decide which material is best for your yard or patio’s décor. Some of the most popular choices include wood, wicker, wrought iron, and metals such as aluminum. Wood combined with aluminum, called “mixed media,” is a hot new trend.


Wood is a popular choice for patio chairs, and with a wide selection of different wood choices available you can easily select a type that best matches your other exterior décor. Softer woods make a good selection for patio chairs and two in particular include cedar and pine. Cedar is also a natural insect repellant, making it a great choice for use in outdoor furniture. Since both pine and cedar are considered to be soft woods, they are less expensive than other wood furniture types. Wood can become warped if exposed to high humidity or temperatures. Make sure to have all outdoor wood furniture treated before placed in the outdoor environment.


Metal patio chairs and tables are an excellent choice as this outdoors furniture is weather resistant, durable, and sturdy. You can select from a wide variety of colors, metals, and styles. Wrought iron furniture is always in style and creates an elegant and classic look for every patio. However, you’ll also find that you can select metal patio chairs and tables in bright vivid colors that reflect a modern, contemporary, and even Art Deco style.

Though metal patio chairs and tables are great pieces of furniture, you must take steps to protect them from the elements. Covering them up when they are not in use is a great way to keep them shielded from the elements, but you may also find that the best way to weather proof metal patio chairs and tables is to seal them with a weather proofing protectant or sealer.

Also, if your metal patio chairs and tables become rusted, it is imperative to remove the rust immediately. You’ll find that it is much easier to prevent metal outdoor furniture from becoming rusted, but if it does you can remove it simply and then seal the furniture to prevent any future damage or rust from occurring.

Usually you can remove the rust yourself by simply scrubbing it with a piece of steel wool. However, if your metal furniture is painted or glazed, you shouldn’t use steel wool on it. Simply cover it when not in use and apply a sealant as soon as you purchase it. By taking the time to protect your metal outdoor furniture you’ll find that your furniture will last for many years to come.


Wrought iron patio chairs are a great choice due to the fact that they are heavy. You won’t need to worry about wrought iron patio chairs and furniture blowing away with strong winds. This makes them ideal for locations where the occasional heavy wind is common.


If you aren’t worried about needing to weigh down your outdoor furniture or patio chairs, then consider choosing aluminum or other metal types. One of the best features of selecting aluminum patio chairs is that the metal won’t rust, ensuring that you can leave it outdoors no matter what the season.


How do you go about selecting the style and material that goes best with your outdoor patio chairs? You want to enjoy your time soaking up just the right amount of sun or lounging in the shade under an umbrella that allows you to enjoy the outdoors on even the hottest day, in the privacy and comfort of your patio. To do this right, your patio furniture must be the most comfortable and perfect style you can find.

First, consider your climate and location. If you live near the ocean, you might not want to go with iron, which rusts easily in salty ocean breezes. If you want wood, you’ll have to take care of the dullness caused by weathering. About once a year, you’ll have to use a sealer, lacquer, or paint to restore and maintain the beauty of the wood and prevent the effects of weathering as well as mildew and rot.

It’s important to consider how you want to use your furniture and the feeling you want it to evoke, as well as how much time and effort you’re willing to put into maintaining it. Some patio chairs need a lot of attention. Poolside chairs, for example, are exposed to both water and the elements. You have to be prepared to change the cushions often, which involves work and money. You might prefer a wooden bench, an Adirondack chair, or an aluminum chair.

If you plan to share the joys of outdoor patio living with your children or grandchildren, buy durable, stable chairs or benches in metal or aluminum. They won’t tilt over easily and are safe for children.

If you want stylish patio furniture, you might consider a restored vintage metal slider, bench, or a lafuma reclining chair. These restored chairs and benches, bringing back the nostalgia of the ‘40s and ‘50s, will provide you with years of enjoyment on your patio. Well maintained, they are a delight to own!

With a little planning and the right outdoor patio furniture, you can enjoy an outdoor patio lifestyle.