Best Outdoor Shower Kits


One benefit to using shower kits for outdoor showers is the type of materials they are constructed from.  Most shower kits are made from durable and low maintenance composite materials that can easily withstand outdoor use.  The materials used are resistant to cracking, peeling and chipping, and since there are no grout lines between tiles, they are very easy to clean and will not make it easy for mold to form since there are no joints.


When it comes to outdoor shower kits, there are a number of style options.

If you are setting up the shower in a small space against the house or another building, corner shower kits are a great way to provide the functionality you need in a small space.  They fit right into a corner and do not take up much space.

Another great option for outdoor showers is glass block shower kits.  These kits give you the privacy of glass blocks and blend into an outdoor décor more readily than many bathroom shower kits do.


There are many choices of what to include in the shower kits you buy.  Some shower kits come with the shower surround and base only, others come with  the entire shower unit, including the doors or a shower rod and curtain, and you can even buy complete shower kits which come with everything you need for the shower itself (walls, base, doors), as well as all of the hardware, such as faucets and knobs.  If you want one-stop shopping, then a complete shower kit is probably best – some even come with towel bars!

Since you don’t need a bathtub outdoors, you will be looking for shower stall kits, rather than bathtub shower kits.  An added bonus is that because there is no tub included, they are typically less expensive.  If you don’t want complete shower stall kits, you can purchase shower enclosure kits, shower surround kits, or shower door kits and then purchase the rest of the items you need separately.

Either way, as long as the main part of the stall is intact, you will find it easy to install.  Choosing a complete kit makes it easier, but selecting some of the accessories separately gives you more flexibility and decorative choices.  You can even add a shower bench for convenience.


  1. You can find shower kits at home improvement stores and at other stores that sell bath and shower supplies.
  2. Some bath supply companies will only sell you the kits if they install them for you, so if you want a DIY shower kit, you are better off at a different type of store.
  3. You can also buy shower kits online from a variety of retailers, and even if buying the kits locally, this is a great way to check and compare shower kit prices before you head into a store.