Anyone who ever tried cleaning a hardwood or tile floor would know how tough that job is. You need to put in a lot of physical strain to get a shining  and buffing a floor. That’s what prompted the development and manufacturing of floor buffers. Now, you can have a machine for cleaning any kind of floor. Not only cleaning, you can employ these machines for waxing and polishing of floors to keep them shining. There are different kinds of machines, with different applications and varying output and capacity. The smaller ones find application for domestic use, whereas the larger variety is needed for maintaining larger floors. Your choice of an appropriate machine is decided by the area to be cleaned and the kind of floor you have.

The utility of floor buffers lies in surface scrubbing, stripping and buffing of floors. A factor that determines the capacity of the machine is its speed of operation, and you get them working on low speed, high speed or dual speed. Further, such a machine may operate on batteries, electricity or the really commercial ones may use propane as fuel that makes it more powerful.

Like any other equipment, here too the price would depend on the capacity of the machine and the features it has to offer. You may get one for just about $200 or one of the expensive models that can cost $4,000 upwards. They can also be used as a commercial wood floor finishing tool.


The features and the specifications of a machine determine its price. There are a whole lot of features and specifications that one has to choose from. However, some of the important ones would naturally include the power of the machine that to a extent is indicated by the horsepower of the motor installed.

Another important feature of any buffing machine is its diameter because that defines the length of stroke a machine can have. In simpler words it conveys the area that the machine is capable of buffing in one round. The diameter varies from 12” to 27”, depending on the model. For a small or an average sized home the smaller machine generally solves the purpose and is empowered to buff kitchens and bathrooms. Large commercial buildings need bigger machines and are generally bought by companies that undertake contracts for cleaning of such buildings or big commercial establishments.

For domestic applications a basic model would generally suffice. However, for larger area you need a bigger machine that can cover more floor area in a given time and may have the capacity to deal with stubborn floor stains.

Here are some of the manufacturing companies: Eagle, Hawk, Kent Euroclean, Oreck, Onyx NuSource, and Sanitaire. You may also find it worthwhile to read reviews of these machines and compare the features and performance. That should prove helpful in zeroing your selection of a suitable machine that answers your requirements.


Floor buffers are an imperative tool for open places, for example, schools, workplaces, health centers and other open structures to scrub the floor clean. In the event that you utilize a floor buffer machine, you can scrub floors effortlessly and appropriately. Prior to using a floor buffer, below are some details you need to be aware of:

  • The best type to choose should be on the area that needs cleaning. The smaller the area, the lower the power requirement for your floor buffer.
  • The size of the right floor buffer for you depends completely on the function you need it to perform.
  • Typically, the perfect domestic floor buffers are compact, light weight, and simple to operate. On the other hand, industrial floor buffers are quite bulky and large in size.
  • Make sure that you get the right wax for your floor.


Taking into account hundreds of user reviews, we have compiled a list of best selling buffers in the market below.


Oreck ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine is an industrial-grade versatile floor buffer machine. It is to a great degree flexible and useful for all deck surfaces. It scours and cleans brick and slate. It also scrubs, polishes and protects marble.

The Oreck orbiter floor machine is sufficiently adaptable to handle it all. It strips, waxes, buffs, sands and refinishes practically any floor surface.

Regardless of if your floors are wood, marble carpet or vinyl, the Oreck orbiter oscillating movement makes it the simplest industrial floor machine to utilize and maintain in the business.

No torque, no whirls, no brush scrapes, no gouges, no sanding scratches, no water that can soak and mold carpets, no substantial contractor bills, no life hanging situations, no riggings, no belts, no engine brushes to destroy, and the best of all is the fact that it requires no experience.

The Oreck Orbiter functions as a floor carpet cleaner, shaking loose accumulated dirt in the carpet for vacuuming. Once you are done vacuuming the dirt, you can walk on the dry-cleaned carpet surface instantly. They’ll be spotless, odorless, soft and wonderful.


  • Engine: 3/4 HP, 5.4 amps.
  • Cleaning path: 13″.
  • Power Cord: 50′ grounded 3-wire 18/3.
  • Pad speed: 175 RPM. Pad drive size: 12″.


  • Floor buffer employed in cleaning vinyl, wood, tile, and different hard floors and for loosening and vacuuming dirt from carpeted floors
  • Orbital drive moves the pad or brush (sold differently) at about 175 RPM to buff, clean, scrub, shine, strip, sand, or wax the floors and not mark, twist or gouge them
  • 50-foot power cable allows the floor buffer machine to work on bigger surfaces without the need to change power outlets than machines having shorter cables
  • It weighs 24 pounds; possesses 3/4-torque, 5.4-amp engine and a 13″ cleaning path
  • Ideal for use with different attachments counting pads, brushes, shampoos, and bonnets and cleaning agents (sold independently)

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Mercury L-17E Lo-Boy Floor Machine is an extremely noiseless machine. It is exceptionally ideal for cleaning floors in health facilities. Noiseless operation and the machine gearbox are situated below the apron. The Lo-Boy possesses a 1.5 HP, 66-frame A/C engine with 175 RPM operation with a hardy all-metal build.


  • It can additionally be utilized for cleaning vinyl, wood, tile, and different hard floors and for loosening and vacuuming dirt from carpeted floors
  • 1.5 hp electric engine gives a brush speed of 175 RPM
  • 17″ metal ringer housing apron for expansive floor reach
  • 48″ handle is movable for operators of various statures, and can be bolted into position for use or transport

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Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine is the superb floor buffer machine cleaning floors. The Koblenz Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Machine is a sturdy floor cleaning tool that is easy to use with its 1.5 HP vibration-free engine. The scratch-free double ball bearing wheels protect your floor during cleaning, and the wrap around guard watch gives added security to furniture and walls. 17-inch polishing pad for an expansive cleaning path and the helpful 50-feet power cable is 14-gauge 3-wire grounded. The chrome steel handle eliminates user exhaustion and ensures against user blunder.


  • The Koblenz heavy duty commercial floor machine is a solid floor cleaning tool with a 1.5 hp vibration-free engine
  • 17-inch polishing pad for an expansive cleaning path
  • 3-year warranty on engine and the entire parts

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Koblenz P-620A Upright Floor Machine

Koblenz P-620A is the carpet and hard floor cleaning machine. It is accompanied by 19-feet cable, 6-Feet hose, and an air blower. Shading/Finish: – Metallic teal color.


  • 4.2-amp Motor
  • Small size and weight
  • Weight: 6.6-pound

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The Ewbank Floor Polisher is easy to utilize, small and ideal for a wide range of exposed floor surfaces. Its lightweight build affords users the greatly required versatility to unbalanced regions around the house. At the point when utilized with Ewbank Floor Polish it gives an expert, high gloss finish to the floors.


  • Ideal for all exposed floors counting: wood, laminate, vinyl, stone and marble
  • 23-inch power cable and a 9-inch expansive cleaning path for enhanced versatility around the house
  • Telescopic movable handle with opening butterfly hold for additional control, balance and ease
  • comes with 2 brushes, 2 polishing pads, and 2 washable microfiber buffing pads for proper cleaning and finishing
  • comes with 2x floor brushes, 2 microfiber buffing pads, 2 plates for pads, 6 oz. test Ewbank Floor Polish and 2 polishing pads
  • Ideal for all exposed floor surfaces, counting marble, wood, granite, laminate and vinyl

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Koblenz P-1800 is a 12-inch line floor polishers. The Koblenz machines can scour, shine, wax, buff and shampoo a wide range of floors and carpet with expert results and minimal exertion. The twin brushes turn in inverse directions giving balance for easy operation and better cleaning.

A full-metal build 2-speed 4.2 amp engine is the most effective motor accessible with full width bronze gears for an extended life span. Floor/rug cleaner and polisher incorporates one sets of scouring brushes, one sets of green scouring pads, one sets of lamb wool buffing pads and one sets of tan cleaning/polishing pads. The scoring brushes are not advised for wood floors or carpet.


  • Cleaning Machine scours carpets and also polishes the hard floors
  • 12-Inch cleaning path with twin brushes that pivot in inverse bearings for easy use
  • Powerful 4.2 amp engine
  • comes with two pairs of scouring brushes and two sets of polishing pads

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Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner is a top-notch floor scrubber. Its oscillating Scrub brushes, counter-turning brushes tenderly scour and clean hard floors from all corners Dual Tank Technology, ensures the clean and grimy water are isolated from each other so you don’t spray grimy water back on the floor.

1.5 Quart Tank Capacity, lessens the need for going to the sink for refills while cleaning large surface spaces, 11.5-inch nozzle gives a joint squeegee and suction to rapidly dry, 20-foot cable Spin Scrub Brushes, counter-pivoting brushes delicately scour and wash hard floors from all edges.


  • Spin Scrub Brushes, counter-turning brushes delicately scour and clean the hard floors from all edges
  • Dual Tank Technology, ensures the clean and grimy water are isolated from each other so you never set grimy water back on the floor
  • 1.5 Quart Tank Capacity, minimizes the need for going to the sink for refills while cleaning large surface spaces
  • 11.5-inch nozzle gives a joint squeegee and suction to rapidly dry
  • 20-foot cable — Spin Scrub Brushes, counter-turning brushes delicately scours and washes the hard floors from all points

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The Clarke CFPTM Pro 17HD is a superior adaptable floor polisher boasting a 17-inch width circular pad and a capable 1.5 hp engine. The Clarke CFPTM Pro 17HD Polisher is perfect for scouring, washing, and grinding, polishing or bonnet-cleaning floors. The Clarke CFPTM Pro 17HD Polisher works at 175 rpm speed.


  • The Clarke CFPTM Pro 17HD polisher is an exceptionally adaptable machine.
  • At just 65 decibels, The Clarke CFPTM Pro 17HD Polisher is marginally noisier than normal talking tone
  • These full-metal design machines are built for heavy duty tasks

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Snake Venom VN1715 Buffer is also an excellent choice to wash your floor. It’s fully built with metal. 16-inch pad driver. 17-inch deck. Safety lock-out switch. Universal clutch plate. Engine-installed pad driver storage.

27″ L x 17″ W x 48″ H; 50’/safety yellow cord. 1.5 hp, 110 volt, 175 rpm, 13.0 amps. 66-frame engine, Triple planetary full-steel gear box.


  • Full metal build
  • 16-Inches pad driver (VN1715)
  • Triple planetary, full-steel gear box
  • 5-Year Warranty

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Incorporates one each. “PRO-2000-20 Ultra High-Speed Burnisher, 1.5hp” “Powerful, D/C resolved engine guarantees dependable, brown-out-free, rapid operation. Accuracy adjusted all-metal suspension helps clients keep up even pad pressure, causing more predictable results.

Interlocked, non-conductive security switch reduces the probability of accidents. Low-profile apron with full-scope bumpers improves mobility while shielding walls and baseboards. Adaptable pad holder by design fits in with floor abnormalities. Completely movable handle can be adjusted to fit almost anybody.

PRO-2000-20: 2,000 rpm, 20-inch pad. Handle Type: T-Grip; Floor Machines Type: Burnisher; Brush Diameter: 20-inch”; Power Capacity: 1.5 hp.” All parts are sold separately unless generally indicated.


  • High-powered, D/C resolved engine.
  • Precision-adjusted full-metal case.
  • Interlocked security switch.
  • Low-profile apron with full-scope bumpers.
  • Incorporates one each.

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