Best Corner Electric Fireplace Ideas

Nothing can be more pleasant than sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold chilly afternoon. The traditional fireplace is being eliminated from the modern home and electric fireplaces are becoming the norm. An electric fireplace offer homeowners and renters the convenience of keeping their home warm without chopping wood and burning it later in the open flames.


An corner electric fireplace blends in with any room decor. They are easy to operate and runs independently using the flame effects. They usually have adjustable thermostats that makes it easy to control the temperature in the room. The off and on remote control switch makes operating the fireplace simple from any place.

There is no nasty smoke to contend with and no venting tools are needed.

Electric fireplaces run well with or without heat. The heat resistant glass on them do not get hot even when the fireplace is lit. Most assemble in minutes and most use a standard 120 volt electric household current.

A well designed corner electric fireplace can deliver heat in any room up to 400 square feet. The powerful fan helps to propel the heat to cold areas. Unlike other electric heating products, electric fireplaces are usually more cost efficient. Average reported costs are about 3 cents per hour to operate and 8 cents per hour to heat an entire home.

Corner fireplaces with automatic remote control switches can increase temperatures up to 8 degrees higher in any 20 x 20 room. No other heating product can offer so much convenience for so little money. A good corner electric fireplace does not take up a lot of place and it is transportable.

Another big plus is that there is no fuel to buy. Whether it is wood, charcoal, anthracite or anything else, a traditional fireplace or stove would require, it is going to cost money, and time, to make sure that you are stocked up. With a corner electric fireplace, all you need to do is flick the switch.


A corner electric fireplace is a great space saving piece of furniture.

Often times in small spaces the corners go to waste or if you have a piece of furniture or a shelf up to the wall on one side the space on the other side is wasted. Plus, lining all of the walls with furniture can make the room look smaller as the walls close in because of all of the bulk of the added furniture.

Because these electric fireplaces are positioned in the corner, they take up very little space, so if you have a small living room, you can still have a nice warm fireplace, without dominating a complete wall of the room. Definitely a bonus.

With a corner electric fireplace, just the corner portion of each wall is used. Plus the space in the middle where the corners meet is filled up. When you install a room with a corner fireplace you even have room on top to set a flat screen TV, a mirror, or books or knick knacks. Not only is your corner space not being wasted it is being used to it’s fullest potential.

You can go even further and get a corner electric fireplace that has additional built in storage for a complete media cabinet or book shelf. The utility doesn’t stop there though. Because an electric fireplace is a dual piece of furniture in and of itself. Dual purpose furniture is a great way to maximize a small space. The electric fireplace is not only a quality piece of furniture that adds extra storage, but it is also a focal point that can give your eyes a simulated dancing flame light show.

Modern corner electric fireplaces are designed to look like real fireplaces, which means you still get the romance of a flickering fire; they are just much more convenient to use. So if you are looking for a convenient, space and energy efficient heating option, that is ready when you need it, then corner electric fireplaces should be very near the top of your list. Unless you like cleaning ashes out of hearths, chopping wood, and the smell of wood smoke clinging to everything in your house when you get it wrong.