Best Coat Rack Buying Guide To Help Unclutter Your Home

Coat racks are definitely something everyone needs and can use to help keep jackets and other various clothing off the floor.

Traditionally a coat rack was always used in homes and businesses for everything from coats and jackets to umbrellas and scarfs. If you went to someones house whether it was for a party or just to visit you more often than not hung your coat on a rack of some sort or on a hall tree as they are often referred to. Many of the hall trees were made with a flat back to allow for a flush wall setup and a bench to use while getting your garments situated.

Most people think of coat stands as just a piece of wood designed with wooden stems or hooks around the top of the stand to hang coats or sweaters on whenever they come inside your home. This is not the case these days. Coat racks usually can be found at every entrance to people’s homes; however many people have found extra places to put them such as the bathroom, in their bedrooms and in the kids and guest rooms as well. You can even find them in commercial places.


There are several different places that are ideal for the coatrack, which include hallways right next to the outside door, bedrooms, and in closets to keep coats more accessible than with traditional hangers. They are also great for elementary school classrooms and places where guests may want to remove jackets while they go to a doctors appointment or business meeting.


Coat racks are no longer the traditional racks that everyone thinks they are. They have been made in all sorts of styles and made with all sorts of materials.

One such traditional coat stand isn’t completely a rack of its own; it was designed with a hide-a-seat at the base and the two sides had the racks approximately four or five feet high with a one inch thick board screwed at the top and the coat pegs were divided equally between the two side trees.

The hide-a-seat was a finished wooden box with a lid held on by hinges so that other items could be stored inside the seat. This was commonly referred to as the coat rack bench.

Mirrors were also an added bonus for a coat tree as they came in handy for looking at yourself before you leave home to make sure your dressed to impress. Many people prefer coat rack trees for their bedrooms which would have a mirror surrounding the tree. These racks can be made from almost any material such as wrought iron, or even lightweight aluminum. These coat racks can include small trays or boxes so that someone can put their jewelry in for a short period of time.

Stainless steel has made its way into many people’s homes in the form of standing coat racks. Stainless steel looks great with whatever type of home furnishings that you may already have. Some people like stainless steel so much that over half of their furniture is made with it. It is no secret why they like stainless so much. It is very easy to keep clean and visitors almost always brag about how nice it looks.

The Vatican style coat racks often came with built in umbrella stands and that style has carried over to the modern day coat rack. Its not unusual to find umbrella stands of some sort on coat trees or racks.


The type and style of a coat-rack you ought to consider may depend on how much it will cost.

Simple contemporary trees made with inexpensive materials will not cost much at all.

Sculptured metals and bent wood can offer lots of beauty and style in your hallways or foyers. However, stands such as the hide-a-seat coat tree may cost a lot. Then if your materials have certain designs that have been engraved in them they will cost even more.

There are even some wall mounted coat racks that have been made using glass. The more unusual the track is, the more expensive it will be. Many coat racks are designed to go with any type of furniture that you already have. So you can see that whatever your budget may be; you can always find a nice coat rack stand or two for every room in your home.


Often times Coat racks function as decorative furniture in a home or office. There are many styles from modern wood to all types of metal designed racks. The accessories are equally as classy and many of the pegs or hooks are made from brass and nickel to give the rack that fancy look. Wall mounted racks are also a popular way to go and alleviate the tree itself being positioned on the floor.

As many people toss their clothes onto a banister or hang them on a chair they tend to make the room look like its in disarray. Its not uncommon to see a trunk at the end of a bed or stashed under the bed full of jackets and pullovers or hoodies. Many people use coat trees as hat racks as well making use of all options when it comes to organizing a room.

Thomas Jefferson invented the coat hanger and closets are often the place you will most find jackets or coats but not everyone has enough closet room to sustain their coat collection. And why would you not want to display your luxurious collection of furs or high dollar jackets in your foyer for guests to see when they come over. Read: History of Coat Rack trees.


There are several different types of coat racks available to choose from. There are some very decorative coat tree varieties available, which generally come in a stand form and are made from various types of finished or varnished woods. There are also wall varieties that have several hooks attached to them so you can place several coats or jackets next to each other in a neat manner. These work very well for the doctors office of business meeting. For elementary schools, wall coat racks may work best if individual coat hooks are attached to a students cubby hole. This will prevent them from mixing their coats up or causing any arguments over which is which.

When choosing a coat rack, you should think about what you will be using it for. If your main goal is to organize the coats in your home, there are several different options available to you. Some come in removable varieties that do not damage walls or cause nail holes. A great example of this is a special hanger that goes on the back of any door and allows you to store several different coats or jackets at once. It is convenient, portable, and space saving. It also allows for one to place several throughout the home. They are fairly inexpensive and can be picked up at any department store.

Coatracks can be considered an important item in the home for many reasons. They help add to the ambiance of the home. Instead of just being a house, a coat rack tree signifies that you are at home. At the end of a long work or school day, you can come home and place your coat on the rack. One can say that it is sort of a signature used to identify themselves with the home and allow a sort of subconscious comfort one might not find without one. Coat racks are definitely fun creatures that have a lot of versatility and room for creativity.

Coat storage has long been a way to make your house a clutter free zone and coat racks are the best example of taking something so simple and utilizing it well. Whether you opt for a wooden coat rack or a metal coat tree the best way to display your furs and also organize your collection at the same time is by getting yourself a coat rack system.