Aristowax Original Wood Silk Aerosol Fine Furniture Polish

Beeswax has a multitude of helpful properties from antibacterial and cleansing on your body to rich cleaning abilities when used on a wide range of different materials. That’s why cleaning materials containing beeswax are in such high demand and this brilliant spray from the cleaning supplies manufacturer Aristowax is a prime example of why beeswax is so valuable.

This aerosol fine furniture polish features a high concentration of pure beeswax which makes it the ideal product to clean, preserve and protect wooden surfaces. Whether it’s a brand new ultra-modern piece or an antique table and chairs this brilliant beeswax polish will ensure you can keep it looking its best for a good long time.

You also get two 250ml polish canisters in this bundle set, so it will last even longer and don’t worry you can use this spray sparingly (in fact we suggest you do) because even a little polish will go a long way.

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While you might already be won over by the marvellous properties of this spectacular beeswax spray polish aren’t you at least a little curious to how it works? Don’t worry it’s quite simple, by not using any harmful silicones and instead using an high-concentration of natural beeswax this polish easily wipes away the old layer of dust and grime and provides a new invisible layer of protection.

This will keep your furniture looking like its brand new and the invisible layer of protection provided by the polish will fight off dirt and grime. By not using any silicone or water in the polish your furniture will not be at risk from the hazy and greasy films that are so often left behind after using silicone based polishes.

And unlike silicone based polishes this high quality beeswax spray will not harm the natural finish or colours of the wood. The nutrient oils in the beeswax will actually aid in replacing the natural oils that wooden furniture can lose over time especially when it’s in contact with central heating or generally hot climates.

And there’s even more good news because this brilliant beeswax polish can also be used to enhance the appearance of:

  • marble,
  • granite,
  • leather,
  • stainless steel,
  • chrome,
  • plastic

So don’t worry it’s not just wood that can feel the benefits of this amazing polish.

The only surfaces the polish shouldn’t be used on are glass or unsealed wood.

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So if you want complete peace of mind in knowing that your polish will quickly and effectively clean your wooden furniture without the risk of harming it overtime then this brilliant beeswax polish is ideal for you. And it can safely be used on woods of all kinds and finishes of any variety including: gloss, satin and matte.

Its brilliant all-purpose use make it the must have addition to your cleaning supply cupboard and it’s perfect for home and business use. So if you’re selling furniture of any kind a supply of these brilliant beeswax polish sprays are sure to come in handy.

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Its brilliant all-purpose use make it the must have addition to your cleaning supply cupboard and it’s perfect for home and business use.